Form best practices in e-commerce

You might have a great lead generation strategy, however, if your web forms aren’t performing well, then the strategy itself won’t land you any leads. The problem might be that the forms you use on your website are too difficult or intimidating to complete. Losing valuable information as a result of wrong form formats is a luxury that no company can afford. To address this challenge, we will look at four of the best and most effective lead generation form examples from well-known brands.

BrokerNotes – Innovative forms

BrokerNotes is a platform to find brokers online. The form that BrokerNotes is using converts at an amazing 46%. How did they achieve this, you might ask? Well, in this case, one answer might be that their form doesn’t look like a form. The designers behind this idea were well aware that people simply don’t like forms. What they did is they implemented toggle sliders and large clickable images so users don’t have the feeling that they are filling out a form. Although at the end of that day, the gathered information was the same as what you would get from using a traditional form.

On the other hand, they also reduced cognitive action (where users have to think and type) and focused more on motor action (a mouse click for instance). Needless to say, when people have to think a lot over a form, they would rather just leave the given page. But when a form is easy to complete (and sometimes fun, too) increased form completion can be expected.

Lastly, BrokerNotes used conditional logic to tailor their questions. For instance, if someone stated that they were beginners in trading, the site would not ask about their preferred trading site as they probably don’t have any yet. In contrast, if someone said that they were an expert, this question pops up as it is quite valuable information. Segmentation is a great way to receive the answers you seek rather than asking the same questions from each user. And just for the record, prior to implementing these innovative forms, BrokerNotes conversion rate was at 11%.

HubSpot’s Website Grader – A form in disguise

HubSpot’s Website Grader is an amazing tool. We just recently checked, and it gave us a thorough analysis for free and I only had to provide my website and email address. After you enter the above-mentioned information, you receive a personalized web audit of your site’s performance and if you decide to click ‘Try HubSpot for free’, you will be asked to provide additional details. Although if you are happy with the value that you just received, then you have nothing else to do just dive into the newly acquire information. Even if you would not go ahead and provide more information, HubSpot already got your website and email address so you can make sure that they will try to sell their software to you. Nothing is free in this world, right? The most important thing to remember is that if people can get some kind of value, they will be more than happy to provide their details.

Lemonade – Personalized forms

Lemonade is an insurance company, providing solutions in the United States and Europe. They took the game to the next level when they introduced a lightning fast and personalized sign-up and claim process by using artificial intelligence and chatbots. Here, you won’t see any traditional forms. You are guided through the whole onboarding process by Maya who even has a face to connect to. She is the one who guides you and calls you by your name throughout the whole process, providing you a seamless and personalized experience. If you need inspiration, go ahead and check out their page on how to excel in multi-step form design.

Uber – Immediate lead segmentation

When you open the Uber app for the first time you will notice that these guys get to the point straight away by asking what you want from the app. They have the challenge of segmenting two different types of leads; drivers and passengers. Their approach immediately differentiates Uber leads and according to the user’s answer, the app will redirect to the appropriate form. As the company is serving two sides of the same service, they need to segment their clients with the very first interaction.


These are just some examples of globally known brands generating leads in a smart way, according to their needs. There is a lot to learn from them and we hope that these examples will help you optimize your lead generation site. Try to think outside of the box and come up with something innovative that you think would resonate better with your target audience, rather than spending a lot of time trying to optimize your page by simply changing the color of your CTA buttons.

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