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Are you planning to launch your own online company? Stripe Atlas can help you start your online company by eliminating legal complexity, various fees, and lengthy paperwork so you can focus on the more creative side of building your startup. Be anywhere in the world, Stripe Atlas will be a great partner in forming your new company by providing a safe, powerful, and user-friendly platform.

If you take advantage of Stripe Atlas, you can have your company set up in just a few days. The team behind Stripe Atlas will form a legal entity by establishing your company in Delaware, US; create your legal documents, handle the paperwork, and take care of your Tax ID number. You can have your company up and running in no time.

Stripe Atlas also provides their own tools for your convenience where you can create your company’s initial ownership structure by generating stock issuance documents with standard terms; setting up your Stripe account to start accepting payments from all over the world (over 100 currencies), and you can also utilize Stripe’s other products such as Corporate Card, Capital, Radar, and Billing.

The application process is quite easy and quick. It all starts with you providing your information then signing your company formation documents, and your company is formed in Delaware, US. And just about the same time, you will receive your tax ID number. If you form your company with Stripe Atlas, you will also have access to the Stripe Atlas Community, where you can get valuable and personalized help and learn about best practices from experts. Additionally, you will receive significant discounts from Stripe Atlas’ partners including up to $5,000 worth of free credits from Amazon Web Services and flat-rate packages from legal and tax service providers.

Stripe Atlas for Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Stripe Atlas is designed to setup startups and internet businesses, establish your company as an LLC or C corporation in Delaware, open a business account, and set up a Stripe dashboard which will be your main interface to manage various business-related activities such as assigning relevant IP to the business, or designating ownership shares.

Considering launching an LLC with Stripe Atlas?

Company founders can form their new LLC with Stripe Atlas in just a matter of days. The Stripe Atlas LLC has the same features as traditional LLCs which means limited liability for founders and the flexibility to be taxed as individuals. Stripe Atlas LLC provides a more than valuable template to meet the needs of technology startups.

Stripe Atlas LLC allows founders to assign existing IP to the company at formation which is a great way to formalize ownership of key technology. If you establish your company as an LLC and would like to change it to a C Corporation, Stripe Atlas LLC will have your back as the team behind the service made this conversion as easy as possible.

With Stripe Atlas LLC, you can also take advantage of the simple process of adding new members after the company is established, and the benefits of having your company registered in Delaware, a US state that is the jurisdiction of choice for many new LLCs.

How much does Stripe Atlas cost?

The cost of establishing your new company with Stripe Atlas, whether it is an LLC or a C corporation, is $500 that includes your new entity, tax ID, US business bank account, access to legal and tax advice, Stripe account, various tools for handling tax, and credits to services such as Amazon Web, and your membership to the Stripe Atlas Community, as mentioned above.

Here is a comprehensive list for what’s included in the price:

  • Formation of a company in Delaware
  • Signed documents to establish company bylaws and protect IP
  • Delaware state filing fees
  • First year of registered agent fees
  • Tool to issue stock to founders
  • Stripe Atlas Community membership
  • Tax ID (EIN) filing
  • Free templates for post-formation legal needs

Support after you company is up and running

You might wonder what happens after your company is up and running. The good news is that Stripe Atlas will not let you go and will help you through your business journey. After you set up your company with Stripe Atlas, there will be separate costs of running and maintaining your company but with Stripe Atlas, you will get the essential support you need. You can have a Delaware registered agent for $100 per year, corporate tax preparation form $250 annually, Delaware tax filing with free preparation, and the costs of maintaining your bank account which depends on which financial company you choose to work with.

Stripe Atlas will help you get started and beyond. Thousands of entrepreneurs have started their journey with Stripe Atlas in more than 140 countries.

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