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One-time payment in many flavors

The one-time inline payment form supports the following payment types:

  • Set amount – The most popular option, a simple button for a preset amount.
  • Select amount from list – The customer can select the product or package to pay for.
  • Custom amount – The payment amount can be entered manually.
  • Select amount + custom amount: A list of preset amounts, plus the option of manual amount entry.
For testing, use the card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, enter a future expiry date, and any 3-digit CVV code.
Simple inline payment form

The fastest way to pay.
The customer needs to enter only credit card data, and email address (the card holder’s name is optional).

Payment amount selected from list

The payment can be configured also as a product selected from a list.

Payment amount entered manually

It can be used for donation forms, or for paying invoices.

Payment amount selected from list, or entered manually

It’s ideal for donations forms: the donor can select from a list of amounts, or it’s possible to enter the amount manually.
(Select the “Other” option to enter the amount)