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Inline subscription forms with VAT support

The inline subscription form can add VAT to subscription charges.
VAT is added to both the recurring fee and the setup fee.

The VAT rate calculation strategy can be:

  1. No VAT is added.
  2. Fixed rate – A fixed percentage of the net amount is added as VAT.
  3. Custom rate – You can provide your own code for determining the VAT rate based on form data. It can be implemented as WordPress filter.
For testing, use the card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, enter a future expiry date, and any 3-digit CVV code.
Fixed VAT rate

The form below adds 10% VAT to subscription plans.

Custom VAT rate

The form below implements VAT support for a business with its seat in Germany (in the European Union).
You can find the details about this custom VAT implementation in this knowledge base article.