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Simple button, many possibilities

The one-time payment popup is quite flexible, it can:

  • Display company name, product name, and logo
  • Collect billing address and shipping address
  • Collect additional data with custom fields
  • Accept payments in over 100 currencies, in Bitcoin, or using Alipay
  • Remember credit card data for faster payments in the future
  • Talk to customers in languages other than English
For testing, use the card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, enter a future expiry date, and any 3-digit CVV code.
Simple payment popup

The fastest way to pay.
The customer enters just email address and credit card data, that’s all!

Billing and shipping address

You can collect billing address and/or shipping address from customers.
The placeholder tokens of addresses can be used on email receipts and on thank you pages.

Bitcoin, AliPay, and Remember Me

The popup can collect one-time payments not just in the currency of your choice, but also in Bitcoin, or using AliPay.
What’s even better, customers can speed up future payments by letting Stripe remember their credit card info.

Additional data collected with custom fields

The popup form is provided by Stripe, and it cannot be extended with new functionality.
However, you can gather additional data with custom fields, before opening the popup. The collected data is added as metadata to the Stripe payment, and is available also as placeholders on email receipts and thank you pages.

Payment amount selected from list

The payment can be configured also as a product selected from a list.

Display language other than English

The popup is available in many languages, see the French example below.
You can set the display language, or let the popup detect the language of the visitor automatically.