How to create a Thank you page

Learn how to configure a payment confirmation page which is displayed after payment.


A Thank you page is payment confirmation page displayed after payment.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a Thank you page.

Configuring a Thank you page in 3 easy steps

We recommend going through the following steps:

  1. Gather your requirements
  2. Create a page or post
  3. Configure your form

1. Gather your requirements

Let’s ask a few questions to create the right kind of Thank you page:

  • Should the form redirect to a page or post, or to an external URL after payment?
  • Should the Thank you page be customized with data collected on the form?

2. Create a page or post

Start creating your page

Skip this step if your Thank you page is external (it’s on another website).

Add a page on the “Pages / Add New” page in WP admin:

Add a Thank you page

Alternatively, you can add a post on the “Posts / Add New” page in WP admin:

Add a Thank you post

Customize your page with dynamic content

Skip this step if your Thank you page is static.

You can use placeholder tokens to insert data collected on your form into the page. Your dynamic content needs to be surrounded by shortcodes as follows:

Thank you page example

Let us embed this example as plain text as well, so you can copy and paste it:

Keep in mind the following:

  • Use [fullstripe_thankyou] and [/fullstripe_thankyou] shortcodes to denote a Thank you page.
  • Use [fullstripe_thankyou_success] and [/fullstripe_thankyou_success] shortcodes to enclose the content displayed after a successful payment.
  • Use [fullstripe_thankyou_default] and [/fullstripe_thankyou_default] shortcodes to display a message when the Thank you page is called directly, without a payment.

3. Configure your form

You can turn on redirecting to a thank you page on the “General” tab of forms, in the “Behavior / After successful payment” section.

Thank you page on your website

In case of showing a page or post, select the “Redirect to a thank you page” option, and select the article from the dropdown:

Thank you page on your website

External Thank you page

If you’d like to show an external Thank you page then select the “Redirect to a custom URL” option:

External Thank you page

Save your settings, and you’re ready to go!

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