Customizing forms with CSS

Personalize your forms with CSS styles, check out our examples.

How to customize forms with your CSS styles

You can change how forms look like by adding custom CSS styles.

In this article we’ll show you:

  • Where to put your custom CSS styles
  • How to write CSS styles that apply to all forms
  • How to write CSS styles that apply to only one form
  • CSS examples our customers already asked for

Where to put your custom CSS styles

You can insert your custom CSS styles into the “Custom Form CSS” field on the “Full Stripe / Settings / Appearance” page in WP admin: WP Full Stripe - Settings / Custom CSS styles

When you save the changes, the new styles immediately take effect.

Using a caching plugin or a CDN?
Don’t forget to clear your cache otherwise you won’t see any changes!

CSS styles that apply only to one form

If you’d like to create a CSS rule for a certain form then you’d need the CSS selector of the form.

You can find out the form CSS selector by looking up the “CSS Class for Custom Styles” option on the “Appearance” tab of the form: WP Full Stripe - Form custom CSS styles

CSS styles that apply to all forms

If you’d like to write a CSS rule that applies to all forms then the rule must begin with the .wpfs-form CSS class.

CSS examples

Changing how form buttons look like

Use the following CSS rule to change button looks on all forms or one form:

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