Modifying form templates

You might want to make changes to form layout and appearance that go beyond what you can do by adding custom CSS.
In this case you have to modify the form templates.

Form templates are HTML files containing the markup of the form, with some PHP code that fills in the form with data.

For each form type, there is a separate template file:

  • Inline one-time payment forms: templates/forms/fullstripe_payment_form.php
  • Compact one-time payment forms: templates/forms/fullstripe_payment_form_compact.php
  • Popup one-time forms: templates/forms/fullstripe_checkout_form.php
  • Inline subscription forms: templates/forms/fullstripe_subscription_form.php
  • Popup subscription forms: templates/forms/fullstripe_checkout_subscription_form.php

Updating the plugin to a newer version overwrites your changes.
Make sure that you don’t accidentally delete CSS classes or ids from the template files, as this might cause the form to malfunction.

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