WordPress constant NONCE_KEY is too short

Customers get a nonce-related error message when a form is displayed.

What happened?

Customers open a page with a payment form, and the following error message is displayed:

WordPress Constant NONCE_KEY is too short

Why is it happening?

WP Full Pay performs some cryptographic operations to secure your payments. For encrypting and decrypting data, it uses a unique key called the “nonce key” which is a long, random string in the Wordpress configuration file of your website.

You’ve received this error because the nonce key is not long enough to encrypt/decrypt data securely.

What is the solution?

Add some random characters (alphanumericals & symbols) to make the nonce key at least 32 characters long.

You can find the NONCE_KEY constant in the “./wp-config.php” file of your Wordpress installation:

Important notes:

  • Make sure that the string of random characters between the two single quotes is at least 32 characters long.
  • You can edit the “./wp-config.php” by using one of the following methods:
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