How to register your website with Google reCaptcha


Google reCaptcha provides an efficient and elegant way to prevent your website from being spammed with forms not submitted by humans.

WP Full Stripe can utilize Google reCaptcha for offering a secure experience on the “Manage subscriptions” page.

This article explains how you can register your website for Google reCaptcha.


You need a Google account to use Google reCaptcha.

Personal Google accounts and G Suite accounts can be used as well.

Registering for Google reCaptcha

  1. Register for Google reCaptcha by navigating to the Google reCaptcha page, and click on “My reCAPTCHA”:

  2. Fill in the fields of the “Register a new site” form, and press “Register”:

  3. Done! You’ve registered your website, congratulations!

Implementing Google reCaptcha with WP Full Stripe

  1. Once your website is registered with Google reCaptcha, the settings page of the newly regsitered reCaptcha is loaded.
    Take note of the site key and secret key, you’ll need them in WP Full Stripe:

  2. Enter and save the site key and secret key on the “Full Stripe -> Settings -> Users” page in WP admin:

  3. Done! You’ve successfully set up Google reCaptcha with WP Full Stripe.
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