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“Download failed. Unauthorized” error message

How to resolve the above error message when trying to auto-update the plugin.

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All subscription plans disappear when going live

Everything is fine in test mode but none of the forms work in live mode.

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Error message when trying to use coupon

Somebody tries to redeem a coupon, and the plugin says that the coupon is invalid.

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Where are custom fields on the Stripe dashboard?

Custom fields are saved as metadata, let us show where you can find them.

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“No such token” error message

Making a payment results in the above error.

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jQuery error when form is displayed

The form doesn't respond or reloads itself, there is no error message displayed.

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TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 error message

You cannot use the plugin because a stange error message is displayed when making a payment.

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The customer has not received the payment confirmation email

What to do if you haven't received our welcome emails after purchasing the plugin.

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Cannot redeclare class Stripe\Stripe

When installing WP Full Stripe results in a fatal error this article can help you resolve the issue.

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