Using Stripe trust badges

Use Stripe trust badges to make your payment page more trustworthy.

What is a Stripe trust badge?

A Stripe trust badge is a symbol you place on your payment pages to ensure your visitors that their sensitive data is stored securely, and payments are processed by Stripe.

Why use Stripe trust badges?

Adding a trust badge on your payment pages can increase your conversion rates and your sales, because it ensures your customers will not be victims of any online fraud.

How you can use Stripe badges

You can make your payment page more trustworthy by displaying a Stripe trust badge next to payment forms.

We’ve created some trust badges for you. You can download them by:

  1. Right-clicking on the badge
  2. Selecting the “Save image as” action in the popup menu

Trust badge with gray background:
WP Full Stripe - Trust badge with gray background

Trust badge with white background:
WP Full Stripe - Trust badge with white background

Trust badge with transparent background:
WP Full Stripe - Trust badge with transparent background

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