You can customize your forms in many ways. These articles show you how to do that.

Using placeholder tokens

A complete list of placeholder tokens that can be used in email notifications, thank you pages and payment descriptions.

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How to create a Thank you page

Learn how to configure a payment confirmation page which is displayed after payment.

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How to create a Manage Subscriptions page

Learn how to configure a Manage Subscriptions page where your subscribers can manage their subscriptions, and update their credit card.

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How to integrate forms into pricing tables

Learn everything about the 3 strategies you can use to integrate payment forms into pricing tables.

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How to configure WP Full Stripe Members

Learn how WP Full Stripe Members works, and how you can configure it to create protected content.

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Translating the plugin to other languages

Customize plugin labels and messages or translate them to other languages.

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Customizing forms with CSS

Personalize your forms with CSS styles, check out our examples.

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Using Stripe trust badges

Use Stripe trust badges to make your payment page more trustworthy.

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