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The difference between form layouts (inline, checkout)

The form layout differences are not purely visual, there are functional differences as well.

WP Full Stripe supports two form layouts: inline and checkout.

These layouts come with different visuals, and there are functional differences as well. The following table compares the two layouts in detail:

  Inline Checkout
Visuals The entire form is visible on the page
(View demo)
Only the (optional) product selector, and the button to open a form are on the page
(View demo)
Payment location On your website On’s hosted page
Stripe customer behavior Existing customer used on repeat purchase New customer created on every purchase
SCA / 3DS compliant Yes Yes
PCI compliant Yes Yes
Display languages Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish 34 languages
Currency format Configurable Auto-detected
Translate/change labels Yes No
Product images shown No Yes
Discounts Coupons and promotional codes Promotional codes
Billing address Supported Supported
Shipping address Supported Supported
Custom fields Supported Supported
(Displayed on the website, not on Stripe’s hosted page)
Simple button layout Not applicable Yes
Billing anchor day Yes No
Email receipts Plugin and Stripe Plugin and Stripe
Google reCaptcha Supported Supported
Customer portal Supported Support with side effects, due to Stripe customer behavior (see above)
Tax behavior No tax, fixed, and dynamic via Stripe tax rates No tax, fixed, and dynamic via Stripe tax rates
Thank you page Supported Supported
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