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How to use form shortcodes

A guide about form shortcodes and form names.

What is a form shortcode?

A shortcode is a text command inserted into a Wordpress page that renders a form.

A WP Full Stripe shortcode contains parameters that uniquely identify a form:

  • Name
  • Layout (inline or checkout)
  • Type (one-time, subscription, donation, or save card)

Here is a shortcode example:
[fullstripe_form name="paymentInlineDefault" type="inline_payment"]

How to insert a form into a page?

You can insert a form into a page by following these steps:

  1. Create a form
  2. Copy form shortcode into the clipboard
  3. Insert form shortcode into a page (or an input field of another plugin)

1. Create a form

You have to save the form to be able to use its shortcode.

If you change the form name then the shortcode changes as well!

2. Copy form shortcode to the clipboard

You can use the “Shortcode” action to display the shortcode of the form:

Shortcode action of the form

A popup appears with the shortcode selected, and can copy it to the clipboard:

Copy the shortcode into the clipboard

3. Insert form shortcode into a page

You can insert a form shortcode into any place in Wordpress that can deal with shortcodes.

You can insert the shortcode directly into a page as a block:

WP Full Stripe - Insert shortcode into a page

In the following example the form shortcode is inserted into a pricing table:

WP Full Stripe - Insert shortcode into a pricing table

That’s it!
Don’t forget to publish the page into which the shortcode was inserted.

Shortcode catalog

Here comes the list of all form shortcodes you can use in WP Full Stripe.
(“formName” is a placeholder for the actual form name)

Inline payment form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="inline_payment"]

Checkout payment form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="checkout_payment"]

Inline subscription form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="inline_subscription"]

Checkout subscription form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="checkout_subscription"]

Inline donation form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="inline_donation"]

Checkout donation form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="checkout_donation"]

Inline save card form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="inline_save_card"]

Checkout save card form:
[fullstripe_form name="formName" type="checkout_save_card"]

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