Accept payments from anywhere
Available in 25 countries for business, and in more than 100 currencies.
Get up and running in 30 minutes
Make your first test payment quickly with form examples, and shortcode builder.
Accept all major bank cards
You can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club cards.
Advanced subscription features
Create subscriptions (regular or terminating) with optional setup fee, charge intervals, and more!
E-mail notifications and redirects
Send a customized email template when a payment is made, and redirect to a page of your choice.
Stay in control, stay in WordPress
Create subscription plans, cancel subscriptions, set up email templates. No need to go to Stripe.
Get help from our friendly staff
Experience our hands-on support team, and our fast turnaround times.
Build pages with several forms
You can embed any number of subscription and one-time payment forms into a page.
Stay up-to-date
Get the latest plugin updates automatically, and install them with the click of a button.
Join over 2700 customers using WP Full Stripe
For $39 you can have all the features of the payments plugin on your WordPress site. WP Full Stripe is sold on CodeCanyon.net just click the button below to purchase.
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What our customers are saying
Great plugin, no bugs as far as I’ve seen and good speedy support when in need. Thanks mate.
Very good start into the Stripe- and money-making world!
olafdammann, 3 months ago
One of the few plugins on the market that does Stripe recurring payments well.
jonathanpoland, 3 months ago
Fantastic thats all there is to say!
buildabizonline, 5 months ago
Good value for money with this plugin. Support is excellent. And the existing forum very useful.
p1burgh7p, 1 year ago
Just a great plugin and so simple to use.
Outstanding support too.


tommytank, 11 months ago
This plugin just works right out of the box. As a developer I appreciate quality, and this plugin delivers. By far the best [and most flexible] stripe solution for WP.
alipj333, 9 months ago
Cool integration and simplified interface. Seems to work well…
stefan2512, 11 months ago
I’ve been using this plugin for years. It works great!!
maegwin, 1 year ago