Trust badges, donations, and Stripe Atlas

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to buying decisions. Today’s online customers are quite hesitant, thanks to fake websites and high-profile data breaches across the internet. Earning your customer’s trust is not easy, however, it is more than rewarding.

Potential customers would only give their financial information out if they are convinced that they get value for their money, whether you sell products or services, and that you will keep their sensitive financial information safe. One way to start earning your customer’s trust is to incorporate trust badges on your website.

What are trust badges?

Trust badges can be symbols or graphics placed on your website. You probably come across several versions of them while surfing on the internet, but they all serve the same purpose: make your potential customers more comfortable about using your website and making a purchase. They boost your status and credibility and make your site seem more legitimate.

Trust badges have a significant impact on your customer’s behaviour. According to several surveys, they play a huge part in building trustworthiness towards your site, and eventually, they generate more sales.

Trust badge types

Security seals

Security seals are the most important among all badges. Their purpose is to verify that your website is secure and safe to use. If your website processes online payments, they are a must to have. The most common one is the small lock icon next to your URL and you can get one by adding an SSL certificate to your website.

Customer logos

If you work with well-known companies, then you should be proud of it and make it visible on your website! By publicly doing so, your customers will appreciate that your business is associated with well-liked companies, therefore, buying decision might come sooner than later. Please keep in mind that you need permission from each company to display their logos on your website.

Credit card logos

These logos have two purposes. First of all, they inform your customers about the different types of payments your website accepts, and secondly, you associate your brand with popular financial institutions that your customers are familiar with.


If you have any kind of business award, turn it to a trust badge! Your customers will be more comfortable purchasing from you than your competitors who have no awards stated on their website.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction badges can be highly useful for your customers as they serve as answers for various customer fears. Some examples are lifetime warranty, money-back guarantee, free shipping, and more.

App Store/Google badges

If your website is selling app(s), adding an App Store/Google badge to your website could give more credibility to it. By doing so, you let your customers know that your brand is recognized by giant tech companies such as Apple and Google.

WP Full Pay trust badges

We’ve created some trust badges for you! Head over to our trust badge article and grab your badges!

Online donations

Does your website accept donations? If yes, you might find valuable information if you read on. Let’s say someone is about to donate on your website but doesn’t know how much. There are several factors that contribute to someone’s decision when it comes to donations.

One solution could be offering several suggested donation amounts. People are more responsive when they see preset values. Suggested donation amounts make the whole process easier as donors don’t have to decide on a certain amount as they have options to choose an amount that suits them best.

Ready to embed a donation form on your website? With Stripe and WP Full Pay, you can easily set up and embed a donation form on your website that converts.

Planning to set up your business in the US?

It goes without saying, setting up a new business is hard work and can be time-consuming. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to start selling your products or services. Would you like to have a ready-to-go company where your only problem is to find the best place for your trust badges? If yes, Stripe Atlas might be your best bet.

Stripe Atlas helps you to set up your business in the United States in two weeks, regardless of your location. Introduced by Stripe, this comprehensive service covers everything you need to kick off your business operation. This is a paid service but you will get a lot in return such as company registration (C Corporation or LLC) in Delaware, U.S. employer identification number, U.S. business bank account, U.S. Stripe account to receive payments globally, stock to founders of a C Corporation, access to legal and tax experts, Stripe Atlas Community (entrepreneurs/experts), among others.

Registering a company in Delaware comes with several benefits as the state has some of the most flexible business law in the United States.

Why choosing Stripe Atlas?


Setting up a company in the U.S. without living there is undoubtedly a challenging task. You need someone who can represent you there and you cannot avoid travelling there to set up everything. With Stripe Atlas, all this hassle can be avoided.


Just think about it. Two weeks! That’s all Stripe Atlas and the team behind it needs to set up a company in the U.S. which is unbelievably fast. During those two weeks, you can focus on marketing or anything that you find essential to kick off your business.


Stripe Atlas is a quick and efficient service. If you have no experience in setting up a new business, it might be a great idea to let the professionals do the work. Remember, mistakes can cost you a lot.


The whole process to apply for this service only takes a couple of hours but what you get in return is easily worth the money spent. Not to even mention that the fee includes the Delaware filing fee which is almost $200 alone. Besides what mentioned above, you also get access up to $5,000 in promotional credits from Amazon Web Services, prepared documents, and a consultant who will help you along the way.

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