Release notes for WP Full Stripe v6.0.2

We’re happy to announce the public availability of WP Full Stripe v6.0.2, our biggest and most important release ever.

This release brings many new features our customers have been asking for, and the plugin has received a much needed, complete makeover of the admin/dashboard UI as well.

Here are the section links if you’d like to jump to a particular feature:

A new admin/dashboard experience

The admin UI has received a complete makeover. It offers a new layout, and aggregates data previously scattered on many pages.

The new admin design is clean and consistent across the entire admin:

WP Full Stripe - The new admin layout is clean and consistent

The biggest advantages of the new design are:

  • Three submenus only, all data is consolidated under these categories.
  • Stripe status widget on every page, with a one-click shortcut to access Stripe settings.
  • Context-sensitive help widget on every page

Japanese admin translation is here

We’re committed to localizing the admin/dashboard UI of the plugin, the first translation is available in Japanese:

WP Full Stripe - The new admin is available in Japanese

Using Stripe products for one-time payments

One-time payments used to work with custom products that could be defined in the plugin. It resulted in a subpar experience as the latest product features developed by Stripe couldn’t be used for one-time payments.

From now on, one-time payment forms utilize Stripe products. The products can be created on the Stripe dashboard, and then added to a form on the “Payment” tab:

WP Full Stripe - One-time payment forms utilize Stripe products

The one-time product list is fetched from Stripe, it can be filtered, and then products selected and added to the form:

WP Full Stripe - One-time Stripe products can be filtered and added to forms

Using Stripe tax rates for one-time and subscription payments

We’ve migrated our tax implementation to Stripe tax rates for one-time payments and subscriptions, providing a consistent experience across all form layouts (inline, checkout).

In this release, only exclusive tax rates are supported, inclusive tax rates will be supported in one of the next plugin releases.

Exclusive vs. inclusive tax rates
Learn more about the difference between inclusive and exclusive tax rates

Tax settings can be configured on the “Tax” tab of one-time payment and subscription forms:

WP Full Stripe - Add tax rates from Stripe

The following options are available:

  • Tax type: It’s either No tax, Fixed rate (tax rates are applied regardless of the buyer’s country), or Dynamic (tax rates are selected based on the buyer’s country and state/region).
  • Collect customer’s tax id?: Collect the buyer’s business name and tax ID when the buyer so chooses.
  • Seller’s seat country: Used for the billing/shipping country selected by default.
  • Available tax rates: Stripe tax rates participating in tax calculations.

Where can tax rates be managed?
You can manage tax rates on the Stripe dashboard

Dynamic tax rates picked by the built-in algorithm can be overridden by implementing a WordPress filter on inline forms. This can be used to implement VAT rules for business buyers in the EU, for example. For more details, please consult our developer documentation.

Using coupons for one-time and subscription payments

This release of WP Full Stripe adds coupon support for one-time payments and subscriptions, in both inline and checkout form layouts.

Forms can accept coupons by turning on the “Show coupon field?” option on the “Form fields” tab:

WP Full Stripe - How to turn on the coupon field

Inline forms can accept coupons and promotional codes as well, checkout forms accept promotional codes only.

Email notification enhancements

The plugin has many improvements in the email notifications department. It’s also the area where we have a lot of developments already in the pipeline.

The notifications ‘From’ address and any number of CC addresses can be configured:

WP Full Stripe - Configuration of the 'From' address and CC addresses for email notifications

The ‘Email templates’ configuration page has a new layout which makes room for new email templates. Placeholder tokens can be inserted into the subject and body of email templates:

WP Full Stripe - The 'Email templates' configuration page has a new layout

The ‘Insert token’ dialog lets users search among the placeholder tokens supported by the email template in question:

WP Full Stripe - The insert token dialog with search

Email notifications have become a first-class citizens, they’ve got a dedicated tab on every form. Email notification templates can be turned on/off per form:

WP Full Stripe - The 'Email notification' tab of forms

We’ve added new placeholder tokens, please refer to the Using placeholder tokens article for more information.

Upgrading/downgrading subscriptions on the Customer Portal page

The Customer portal has got a dedicated settings page on which upgrading/downgrading subscriptions by customers can also be enabled:

WP Full Stripe - The 'Customer portal settings' page

When upgrading/dowgrading subscriptions is enabled, customers can change the subscription plan (and quantity) on the Customer portal page:

WP Full Stripe - Customers can upgrade subscriptions on the 'Customer portal' page

Webhook improvements

WP Full Stripe v6.0 has a new webhook endpoint which has a lower chance of being blocked by security plugins. The legacy webhook endpoint is still supported but we’d encourage our customers to set up the new endpoint in StripeMake sure that only one webhook endpoint is set up per API mode (one for test, and one for live).

We’ve reworked the ‘Stripe settings’ page to show when the last webhook event was received, and showing the overall health of the webhook endpoint:

WP Full Stripe - Webhook status on the 'Stripe settings' page

Invoices created for one-time payments

Stripe doesn’t create invoices for one-time payments by default. However, issuing invoices for all payments is a requirement in many business scenarios – doing business in the EU comes to mind as an example.

Starting in WP Full Stripe v6.0, invoices are created for all one-time payments.

It also means the following placeholder tokens are available on one-time payment and subscription forms as well:

  • %INVOICE_URL% – Link to the downloadable PDF invoice

Cloning forms

Now you can clone forms on the “Manage forms” page! Just press the “Clone” action next to the form:

WP Full Stripe - How to clone forms on the 'Manage forms' page

Pressing the “Clone” action brings up the dialog:

Network-wide license activation for bulk licenses

For the Business, Agency, and Unlimited licensing packages, it’s now possible to activate all licenses with a single click on a WordPress multisite network.

Minimum requirement changes for WP Full Stripe v6.0

Some requirements have changed, you need the following technologies to run WP Full Stripe v6.0.2+:

  • WordPress v5.0+
  • PHP v7.0+

How to migrate to WP Full Stripe v6.0

WP Full Stripe v6.0 is not 100% compatible with previous versions. Depending on the features you’re using, there are some steps you need to carry out in order to get up and running.

One-time payment forms

One-time payment forms now use Stripe products instead of custom legacy products, so you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to the ‘Products’ page on the Stripe dashboard, and create your one-time products.
  2. Go to the ‘Full Stripe / Forms’ page in WP admin, edit your one-time payment form.
  3. On the ‘Payment’ tab of the form, press the ‘Add products from Stripe’ button.
  4. Select the Stripe products you’d like to offer on the form.
  5. Save the form.

Subscription forms

Even though the plugin still uses Stripe recurring products just as did before, due to major changes, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to the ‘Full Stripe / Forms’ page in WP admin, edit your subscription form.
  2. On the ‘Payment’ tab of the form, press the ‘Add products from Stripe’ button.
  3. Select the Stripe recurring products (subscription plans) you’d like to offer on the form.
  4. In the next step of adding the recurring product, configure options like setup fee, trial days, billing anchor day, and more.
  5. Save the form.

WordPress action and filter hooks

Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve redesigned most of the WordPress actions and filters the plugin is using. It means that your existing integrations won’t work, you’ll need to change your code to use the new action and filter signatures.

For more details, please refer to our integration article in our knowledge base.

Please contact us if you run into any issue.

Note: updating from v5.x or v6.x to v7.x

It’s important to note that if you’re upgrading from version 5.x, there are significant changes you should be aware of. These changes, particularly from versions 5 to 6, involve critical updates in how we use Stripe products.

  • The upgrade to version 7 requires setting up new Stripe products. Without this, your existing forms may stop functioning correctly, and it could potentially disrupt your website’s operations.

Before upgrading, you’ll need to create new Stripe products and configure them properly in WP Full Pay. This step is crucial to ensure your payment forms continue to work seamlessly.

To minimize any inconvenience, we recommend scheduling some downtime for your site or performing the update during off-peak hours. This will allow you to make the necessary changes without affecting your site’s traffic and operations significantly.

It’s always a good practice to have a recent backup before making significant changes.