How to save a customer credit card without charging? WordPress guide

How to Save Customer Card Details for Future Transactions?

Saving customer card details without charging make online shopping quicker and more convenient. This one-click checkout leads to a better customer experience and potentially increasing sales for businesses.

According to Baymard, some of the primary reasons for checkout abandonment include the requirement to create an account (26%) and a lengthy, complex checkout process (22%).

Baymard checkout statistics

Bringing traffic to a site is challenging, and it’s frustrating when this traffic drops off at the checkout.

One way to make the checkout process easy and convert the users on the checkout page is to securely collect card details without charging the card and offer 1-click checkout.

Stripe allows you to securely save customer card details and offer one click checkout

In this article, we’re looking at how you can securely save your customer data to offer faster checkout for them on WordPress.

Saving customer payment method for future use

Stripe offers a secure solution for saving customer payment details through its Stripe Link product.

WP Full Pay is a Stripe plugin for WordPress that enables you to create Stripe payment forms and accept one-off or recurring payments via different forms.

WP Full Pay’s ‘Save Card’ form utilizes Stripe Link’s technology to securely store customer card details and provide an optimized 1-click checkout experience.

This integration provides the secure storage and autofill of payment details in WP Full Pay’s forms. This, in turn, improves the transaction experience for your customers by allowing them to autofill their card details during the checkout process.

Use Cases for Saving Customer Cards

Membership sites, on-demand services, and e-commerce subscriptions all benefit from saving card details for future online payments.

For instance, imagine users signing up for a membership plan with recurring payments. By saving their card details, you can automatically renew their membership, making the process hassle-free without needing them to enter payment info again.

Or, consider businesses providing on-demand services like transportation or home services. By saving card details your customers benefit from instant payments without repeatedly entering payment details.

How to Securely Save Customer Payment Details in WordPress?

In this brief guide, we’ll show how to create save card forms to securely collect card details without charging the card using WP Full Pay on your WordPress site.

Step 1: Install and Activate WP Full Pay

To begin creating a save card payment form with Stripe Link integration, you’ll first need to install and activate WP Full Pay on your WordPress site.

To install the plugin, access your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Plugins, then search for WP Full Pay.

Once found, click “Install” and then “Activate.”

After activation, proceed to connect your Stripe account to your WordPress website.

You can also find WP Full Pay in WordPress Plugin Directory.

Step 2: Connect WordPress site to Stripe

To link your WordPress site to Stripe, on your WordPress admin panel and navigate to WP Full Pay -> Settings -> Stripe Account.

Before connecting your live account, it’s advisable to switch to test mode using the toggle switch.

Click on the ‘Connect Live Account’ button.

You will then be asked to either create a new Stripe account or connect your site to an existing one.

Retrieve your Stripe API keys from your Stripe dashboard, and return to WordPress to input the keys to complete the configuration.

Learn more about accessing your Stripe API keys.

Step 3: Create a Save Card Payment Form

After completing the setup, go to your WordPress admin panel -> WP Full Pay -> Forms.

Click on the ‘Add Form’ button.

Select the ‘Save Card’ option and fill in the necessary details.

Then, click the ‘Create Form’ button to configure other form settings such as payment options, appearance, and post-payment page.

Once you’ve finished, click ‘Save Changes.’

You’ll then be directed to the Manage Forms page.

Step 4: Add the Save Card Form to a WordPress Page

After creating the form, copy the shortcode provided on the Manage Forms page.

Next, navigate to the page where you want to add the Save Card form.

Paste the shortcode into the desired location on the page.

And that’s it!

Make sure your terms align with Stripe’s saving payment details during payment rules.