Stripe Payment Links – The no-code solution to sell without a website

Did you know that you don’t even need to build a website or application anymore to accept payments online? Yep, that’s right: Stripe Payment Links enables you to create a full payment page in seconds, share it, and get paid instantly – and all this without writing a single line of code!

Let’s see how the integration works.

If you’re bootstrapping a business, building a minimum viable product, or you simply provide a limited number of products or services, requesting payment with minimal effort is critical for a flying start.

So the question may arise: is there a solution that lets you accept payments in minutes, without the need to spend considerable resources on building a digital storefront?

The good news is that Stripe Payment Links enables you to do all this, and even more!

Stripe Payment Links is the fastest and easiest way to accept payments with the payment service provider Stripe.

No matter if you want to sell a product or service, start a subscription, or accept a donation, the no-code integration enables you to get started in minutes.


All you’ve to do is create a full payment page in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers. Once activated, the payment link can be used to accept payments instantly in 195 countries around the world!

Stripe Payment Links enables you to accept payments without a website.

Furthermore, to optimize for conversions, Stripe Payment Links supports 20+ global payment methods including credit and debit cards, ACH Direct Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and BNPL payments. It even automatically matches your customer’s preferred browser language for 30+ languages!

What about Stripe Payment Links’ pricing?

The good news: you won’t need to pay anything extra! The integration is included in Stripe’s pay-as-you-go pricing model which starts at 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge.

How it works

Setting up your link is a walk in the park:

1) If you don’t have a Stripe account yet, your first step is to register here.

2) After successful registration, navigate to the Stripe Dashboard, and open the “Payment Links” page. Here, click “New”.

To create a link with Stripe Payment Links, open the “Payment links” page, and click “New”.

3) Next, select the payment link type. You can either choose to sell products or subscriptions (ideal for e-commerce or SaaS where you’re selling products for a fixed price) or let customers choose what to pay (best for donations, tipping, or pay-what-you-want).

4) After filling out the product and payment details, you can check the preview section to see what the payment page will look like on different devices.

Stripe Payment Links allows you to check what the payment page will look like on different devices.

5) Next, you can decide if you’d like to show a thank you page after the payment is confirmed.

6) As the last step, click the “Create link” button.

And that’s it! You’ll be automatically redirected to the details page where you can copy and share the created link as many times as you want on social media, in emails, or on your website.

Once payments start to flow in, you can track them on the Payments Dashboard page. If you’re new to Stripe, you’ll receive an email after your first payment. If you’d like to receive emails for subsequent payments, you’ll need to update your notification preferences for successful payments in the Profile settings.

To ease your plunge into the e-commerce business world, Stripe Payment Links provides some additional features you’ll love!

Customize branding and store policies

You can customize your payment page to match the look and feel of your brand.

All you’ve to do is navigate to the “Branding Settings” page from the Dashboard where you can upload a logo or icon and customize the payment page’s background and button color, font, and shapes.

Furthermore, Stripe Payment links allows you to set your store policies and support contact information on the “Checkout & Payment Links Settings” to increase buyer confidence and minimize cart abandonment.

Create QR codes

Stripe Payment Links even allows you to create a QR code for the payment link to accept in-person payments!

Head to the Dashboard, select an existing link from the “Payment Links” list view, and click the “QR code” button. Now, you’ll be able to copy or download a PNG image of the QR code.

Stripe Payment Links enables you to create a QR code for your payment link.

Customize the post-purchase experience

Stripe Payment Links also enables you to customize the post-purchase experience of your customers.

For instance, you can automatically send email receipts to your customers after successful payment. You can even customize the color and logo shown on your receipts on the “Branding Settings” page of your Dashboard.

Furthermore, you can customize the confirmation message after a successful payment or redirect to a URL of your choice.

Collect taxes

It’s worth knowing that Stripe Payment Links works perfectly with other Stripe products: for instance, it enables you to automatically calculate and collect the right amount of tax on your payments with the help of Stripe Tax. This way, you can easily comply with tax regulations around the world, including EU VAT rules.

Allow promotion codes, upsells, and cross-sells

To maximize conversions, Stripe Payment Links enables you to allow promotion codes when creating a payment link.

You can create the codes by first creating a coupon and then turning that into a customer-facing promotion code in the Dashboard. Make sure to read the Stripe Payment Links docs for more details!

You can also allow subscription upsells by giving your customers the option to upgrade to a longer-term plan at checkout:

Stripe Payment Links enables you to create a QR code for your payment link.

Furthermore, Stripe Payment Links enables you to use cross-sells to give your customers the option to purchase other related products:

You can allow cross-sells to give your customers the option to purchase other related products.

This way, you can increase your average order value and cash flow!

What if you need more control of the checkout experience?

As you can see, Stripe Payment Links is a fast and easy solution to accept payments with Stripe.

However, what if you have a more complex payment flow? Or you need to create a website around your services or products to evolve your business?

In this case, using a more advanced solution such as WP Full Pay is a good idea!

WP Full Pay is a Stripe payments plugin for WordPress that enables businesses to own the payment experience end-to-end.

For instance, it allows you to have a product selector as part of the payment flow, prefill any form field based on URL parameters, or dynamically generate the thank you URL based on transaction data.

Furthermore, you can provide secure forms on your website by using Google reCAPTCHA and setting minimum payment amounts. You can also display trust seals near your form to inspire confidence in your brand, increase engagement, and persuade visitors to take action.

Furthermore, you’ll have fine-grained control over many other aspects of the transaction such as collecting additional data via custom fields, displaying currencies in different formats, or dynamically generating transaction descriptors based on data entered in the form.

The plugin even provides add-ons that can extend the payment functionality. For instance, the WP Full Members add-on allows you to make money by creating subscriber-only content!

Learn how to create a membership site with WP Full Member.

If you’re an aspiring e-commerce business owner but don’t have the time and resources to build a digital storefront, Stripe Payment Links is the perfect solution to get started: the no-code integration enables you to create a full payment page in seconds that you can use instantly to accept payments in 195 countries around the world!