Stripe checkout pages: hosted vs on site checkout forms

Stripe checkout pages

When you sell products, offer services, or collect donations on your WordPress site, you need a reliable payment gateway that offers flexible functionality. This functionality includes how you want to collect money, which payment methods you want to add to checkout pages, where you want to embed the checkout forms, customization options, and more. In […]

How to add payment buttons in WordPress?

How to create payment buttons in WordPress?

If your business website is built on WordPress, and you’re wondering how you can include payment (buy now) buttons to accept payments, sit closer, this guide is for you! Payment buttons are interactive elements on a website that allow your customers to initiate and complete a payment transaction with a single click. These buttons are […]

How to accept Cash App payments on your site?

order form wordpress

Cash App is a peer-to-peer mobile payment service available in the United States and the United Kingdom with over 50 million active users. The Cash App method is popular for making it so easy to send and receive money instantly using the app. This is often done by linking a bank account or debit card […]

What is a limited time offer and how to create it for a WordPress site?

limited time offer

Hurry up!  Limited time only! 70% off sales only for the next 24 hours! Sounds familiar? These are limited-time offers for a marketing campaign that businesses use to convert more users or increase product sales. Limited-time sales create a sense of urgency and encourage your customers, subscribers, and members to act quickly to take advantage […]

8 Cart Abandonment Reasons and How to Solve Them?

cart abandonment reasons

Getting traffic and attracting visitors to your website is tough. It’s even tougher when they leave in the middle of the checkout process without making a purchase. You’ve worked hard on marketing and getting traffic. And, despite your marketing efforts and traffic generation, conversion rates may remain low. You may say: “I have lots of […]

How to Save Customer Card Details for Future Transactions?

How to save a customer credit card without charging? WordPress guide

Saving customer card details without charging make online shopping quicker and more convenient. This one-click checkout leads to a better customer experience and potentially increasing sales for businesses. According to Baymard, some of the primary reasons for checkout abandonment include the requirement to create an account (26%) and a lengthy, complex checkout process (22%). Bringing […]

Buy Now Pay Later shopping – The payment method customers love

Buy now, pay later payment plan

Businesses that offer Buy Now Pay Later shopping options at checkout have reported 30% higher conversions and up to 50% higher average cart sizes, according to recent studies. These numbers can make a huge difference to the bottom line of any online retailer, right? Offering Buy Now Pay Later shopping options provides immense value for businesses […]

Release notes for WP Full Pay v6.3.0

WP Full Pay updates

We’re delighted to announce WP Full Pay v6.3.0! Here are the section links if you’d like to jump to a particular feature: The plugin is now called WP Full Pay The transition is over: the plugin is now officially called WP Full Pay! We changed all references on the plugin’s website first, and now the […]

MOTO transactions explained: accept orders via email or telephone

MOTO transactions

Are you a small business owner without a webstore looking for ways to accept online payments? Or are you an established online seller looking to increase your customer base and reach a wider audience? Accepting MOTO transactions might be an excellent idea in either case! If you’re unfamiliar with this payment option, don’t panic! In this post, […]

Card testing attacks – 7 sure-fire techniques to protect your website

card testing attacks

Lost revenue, increased costs, damaged reputation – card testing attacks have the potential to seriously impact an e-commerce merchant’s bottom line. While credit card fraud has been steadily increasing over the past decade, COVID-19 has fueled an explosive growth in fraudulent activity, with fraud losses expected to reach $38 billion by 2027! Time to hit the panic […]

Alipay payments help you conquer the Chinese market with ease!

Alipay payments

It serves 80 million merchants, covers over 100 million transactions a day, and has more than a billion active users worldwide. Yes, we’re talking about Alipay payments, China’s popular payment app that managed to overtake PayPal as the largest mobile payment platform in the world! It’s not hard to guess: if you’re looking to reach a […]

iDEAL payments secure high conversions in the Netherlands

iDEAL payments

Low-cost, secure, and virtually risk-free – iDEAL is a payment method you can’t afford to ignore if you’re planning to expand your online business to the Netherlands. In fact, iDEAL payments are the most popular online banking method among Dutch consumers, holding a 70% market share in the country! But what exactly are iDEAL payments? How do […]

BECS payments – What are they & how do they work?

BECS payments

Did you know that Australians are the second most likely population to buy online from overseas businesses? Being one of the world’s most developed e-commerce markets in terms of volume, Australia is definitely an attractive market to enter. If you’re ready to launch, there’s one step you shouldn’t forget about. Namely, adding BECS payments to your checkout! […]

What are Giropay and Sofort? – A detailed guide for business owners

Giropay and Sofort

Giropay and Sofort are among the most commonly used payment methods in German-speaking markets. Adding these online bank-to-bank transfers to your checkout page allows you to expand your market share, leading to increased sales volume and revenue! Sounds good? Let’s discuss everything you need to know about these popular payment options! Giropay and Sofort – Important facts and […]

WordPress SSL plugin you’ll love – Really Simple SSL

WordPress SSL plugin

Did you know that 64% of abandoned shopping carts can be recovered with better checkout security? That’s not a number you can afford to ignore! To help your customers navigate your site with more confidence – knowing it’s 100% secure – installing a WordPress SSL plugin might be an excellent idea! But which one to choose? Really […]

SEPA payment method – The complete guide for business owners

SEPA payment method

Today, the SEPA payment method facilitates over 43 billion transactions per year. No wonder – the system allows businesses, public authorities, and individuals to speed up and simplify their payment processes across a number of countries in Europe. As a business owner, you’ve probably already heard of the term. However, you might still want to clarify the […]

User Role Editor plugin – The no-code solution to customize user roles

user role editor plugin WordPress

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create customized user roles and capabilities in WordPress? The User Role Editor WordPress plugin is here to save your day! Let’s see how this no-code solution helps you take full control of your website! When does the User Role Editor WordPress plugin come in handy? If it’s […]

Dunning process that works? Here’s how to reduce involuntary churn!

Dunning process: recover involuntary churn

It’s almost inevitable for businesses to lose customers from time to time – it’s part of the game. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing buyers due to involuntary churn!  Involuntary churn is the loss of customers or subscribers due to reasons beyond their direct control, as the name implies. This typically happens when payment […]

Release notes for WP Full Pay v6.2.0 and WP Full Stripe Members v1.9.0

WP Full Pay updates

We’re delighted to announce WP Full Stripe v6.2.0 and WP Full Stripe Members v1.9.0! Here are the section links if you’d like to jump to a particular feature: Enjoy the redesigned WP Full Stripe Members We’ve updated WP Full Stripe Members to get rid of its outdated design, and have a consistent user experience across […]

Apple Pay vs. Google Pay – How do they compare?

apple pay vs google pay

With the steep rise in the adoption of contactless payments all around the world, it’s almost imperative for businesses to adapt to the new ways consumers shop in-store and online. As more and more people resort to using digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, online business owners can profit heavily from the benefits these mobile […]

LoginWP – WordPress login redirect made easy

Do you run a multi-user, e-commerce, or subscription-based WordPress site? If so, are you wondering how to send users to the correct page after they log in, log out, or register? The WordPress login redirect plugin LoginWP will have your back – let’s see how! Why do you need to set up WordPress login redirects on your site? If […]

ARPrice – Build beautiful & functional pricing tables in minutes!

Designing the perfect pricing table is a challenge many online business owners face. Participating in never-ending brainstorming sessions, coordinating the work of developers, UX and graphic designers, and still not getting the results you dream about might be quite frustrating. But does this have to be the norm? What if we said, there’s a powerful […]

Case study – Is my business a good fit for a subscription membership model?

subscription membership site

How we built a world-class membership website using WordPress and WP Full Pay When we began working with Sivan Garr, a Spiritual Life Coach from Northern California, we were evaluating various ways to improve her e-commerce website. During our initial consultation, Sivan explained that she wanted to improve her site to better sell her coaching sessions à […]

WP Mail SMTP plugin – Never land in the spam folder again!

WordPress SMTP plugin

Are you frequently missing out on leads and sales because emails sent from your WordPress site are ending up in the spam folder? Well, we’ve got some good news: this issue can be fixed quite easily. The WP Mail SMTP plugin makes sure your emails are successfully reaching the inbox of your leads and customers. The most […]

Release notes for WP Full Stripe v6.1.1

WP Full Pay update

We’re delighted to announce the public availability of WP Full Stripe v6.1.1, a release with a lot of features our customers have been asking for. Here are the section links if you’d like to jump to a particular feature: Customer portal with account selector It has been an issue for a while that the customer […]

ACH payments explained – The comprehensive guide

ACH payment method

Affordable, convenient, secure, and simple – ACH payments offer an increasingly attractive option for businesses to collect payments. In fact, ACH has grown to become one of the largest and most efficient systems in the world of banking over the past decades: the network now handles more than $72 trillion worth of transactions every year. This is […]

WordPress Code Snippets plugin – The game-changer in customization

WordPress code snippets plugin

There are many ways to get frustrated when programming. We feel you. That’s why, in our new series, we’d like to highlight WordPress plugins and other services that can be used in conjunction with WP Full Pay to ease your life and create an even better user experience! Starting off our series, the first solution we’d like […]

Customer portal – Why you need it & how to create an efficient one

Customer portal

Did you know that 88% of customers expect a company to have an online customer portal? Without doubt, modern-day consumers need online self-service options to get help and answers. But what exactly is a customer portal? What are the benefits of setting up one on your webpage? And most importantly: what are the elements of an effective online […]

Secure form – 11 tips & tricks to hack-proof your website

How to secure payment forms in WordPress site?

No matter how focused your marketing efforts are, without providing a secure form on your website, there’s no chance that conversion rates will increase. The reason: people these days are paying huge attention to protecting their personal data while surfing the web. If they feel you don’t provide them with a secure form, they’ll leave. In this […]

EU VAT rules – The ultimate guide

EU VAT rules

72% of online businesses see EU VAT compliance as a barrier to international growth – and we totally get them! Determining where and when to collect taxes, what rates to charge, or when to file tax returns can be challenging, especially as your business grows. The fact that EU VAT directives change constantly and vary based on […]

Email receipt that drives more sales? Here’s the secret!

email receipt

Did you know that email receipt confirmations have the highest open rate of any type of email you’ll send to your customers? That’s exactly why email receipts represent a great opportunity for growth hacking! Yep, you’ve read it right. An email receipt should not merely be used as a record of purchase. Each receipt you create represents […]

Release notes for WP Full Stripe v6.0.2

WP Full Pay update

We’re happy to announce the public availability of WP Full Stripe v6.0.2, our biggest and most important release ever. This release brings many new features our customers have been asking for, and the plugin has received a much needed, complete makeover of the admin/dashboard UI as well. Here are the section links if you’d like […]

Trust seals – The smart way to boost conversions

Trust seals & secure logos

Speedy load time, compelling copy, awesome UX design – your website has it all, but conversion rates still fall short of expectations? The absence or inadequate use of trust seals might be the cause. The good news? Setting up trust seals on your website is an easy and quick process if you know what to look out […]

The perfect thank you page after payment that nails conversions

thank you page after successful transaction

Did you know that a thank you page after payment can act as an efficient selling machine for your business? The reason is that users that land on your thank you page are highly engaged with your business. They’ve already committed to buying from you, meaning they’re at the peak of their convertibility. Don’t leave […]

Release notes for WP Full Pay v5.5.0

WP Full Pay update

Donations forms are here! Donation forms with custom amount and recurring options have been the most requested feature for quite some time, and they’re finally here! This is how a donation form looks like: You can configure the preset amounts and the recurring options on the “Payment” tab of donation forms: Donation forms are available […]

WP Full Stripe is going multilingual with 6 new languages!

WP Full Pay update

Starting from WP Full Stripe v5.5.0, forms made with the plugin will also speak the following languages out of the box: Stripe has provided translations for its Stripe Elements card input field and its checkout forms for a while. However, inline forms, the Manage Subscriptions page, and add-ons have been available only in English until now. This update means that all […]

Release notes for WP Full Stripe v5.4.0

WP Full Pay update

Billing cycle anchor day for subscriptions We’re excited to share that WP Full Stripe now supports billing cycle anchor day for subscriptions! This is really useful if you’d like to bill every subscription on a certain day of the month. Feature availabilityBilling cycle anchors are supported only by inline forms at the moment. You can […]

Deskseed praises WP Full Stripe and WP Full Stripe Members

We strive to make WP Full Stripe the best payment solution for small businesses using WordPress and Stripe. It’s been a bumpy road to get where we’re today, and there’s a long road ahead of us. That’s why it’s important get some positive feedback when the going gets tough. Deskseed is a web hosting platform […]

WP Full Pay has become a Stripe Verified Partner!

We are pleased to announce that WP Full Pay has become a Stripe Verified Partner. What does it mean for you? WP Full Pay undertook a rigorous security and verification process so that you can be confident in the quality of our integration with Stripe. As a Verified Partner, we receive developer documentation, webinars, product betas […]

WP Full Stripe is SCA-ready!

We are happy to announce that WP Full Stripe v5.0.0 is SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and 3DS (3D Secure) compliant. If you’d like to learn more about what SCA is then we would recommend reading the comprehensive Strong Customer Authentication guide put together by Stripe. SCA means a lot of changes to the way we pay, and […]